Thanks for checking out FCC Monmouth.  We know that walking into a new church can be intimidating, so we have tried to put your mind at ease by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about who we are and what to expect on your first visit.

What do I wear?

​Whatever you feel comfortable in.  You will find some people in formal dress, but most people (including our staff) wear jeans.

I'm in the front door, but now what do I do?

Enjoy a complementary cup of coffee or hot tea from our coffee bar.  Have a seat or grab a table in the sanctuary and make yourself at home, and don't be surprised if a few happy people shake your hand and introduce themselves along the way. 

What do I do with my kids?

Your children are welcome to participate in the main worship service, but if you prefer, we offer programs for children grades K-5th as well as toddler and nursery services.  All of these are located in our Next Generations wing.  Just check your child into the age appropriate classroom and you are set!  For more information, check out our Next Gen page here.

What is a typical worship service like?

We offer two, identical Sunday worship opportunities.  The first begins at 9am, and the second begins at 10:30am. services utilize a full band and features loud, modern music.  At either service you can expect 1 hour of worship through song, communion, and a relevant, Bible based message.

If I have a great experience, what should I do next?

We at FCC are all about taking next steps.  Attending a Sunday morning worship gathering is, for many, a first step.  It is our sincere hope that you have a great time and desire to keep moving forward in your spiritual journey.  If so, visit our Next Steps page here