SUNDAYS 8:15 AM and 10:45 AM

Unsure how to get started reading the bible?  This link can get you connected to a daily reading plan.  This link will connect you to an online site where you can set-up whatever plan interests you. These are very sustainable plans, allowing for practical daily study and easy catch up, should you fall behind a day or two. You can also jump in at any time. 

Personal Devotion is the daily practice of making room in your life to seek God through prayer and reading the Bible. We believe participating in a weekend service plays an important part in feeding and sustaining our spiritual life, personal devotion takes our growth experience beyond the weekend and into our everyday lives.

As a church, we believe that establishing a consistent, daily time for this will be a catalyst for God's power in your life. Explore whatever works for you; and know that it looks different for everyone. The important thing is setting aside this time for you to grow in your walk with God.